Support options
If you are here, because you need help, we've got you. You have various opportunities to get support or help.
Join the support server

The easiest way is to join the support server and ask for help. The bot devs are there a few hours every day, and always ready to help you.

Contact the support

You can contact the ManageBot support by mailing It will take a few hours or days until you get a response, spamming will result in being ignored.

Use the integrated support system

Not mentioned in the features, but still here: the integrated support system. You can directly message the main developer of ManageBot by using the integrated support system. To start, you can use /support chat info and learn how to use the support system.

Useful links

If you didn't find what you looked for, you may find these links helpful. If you still need help, please join our Discord server.

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