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Read these Terms of Service before using our services.
Last update: Dec 23, 2021

Welcome to ManageBot! This is an agreement between ManageBot ("we", "us", "our") and you ("you", "your", "yours"). We greatly invite you to use our website and our services, as well as our Discord Application ("application"), but please note that your invatation is subject to your agreement with the following Terms of Service (or "Terms of Use"). This document describes your rights and our rights relating to the access of ManageBots services, so please read them carefully. By using ManageBot, as well as the other services, you fully agree with our Terms of Service as well as with the Discord Terms of Service. If you don't, you may not use our services. You maybe want to read the Privacy Policy as well, which are seperated, but applies here too.


In order to use our services you must:

  • 1. be older than 13 years
  • 2. be legally permitted to use Discord by the laws of your home country

You can add ("invite") the application to your Discord server ("guild") by using the Authorization URL ("invite link"). By inviting our application to your guild, you approve us to access message content in channels, public visible information about members in your guild, as well as tracking the usage of commands (beginning Jan 1, 2022). To learn more, check out the Privacy Policy, which explains what data we use and how we use it to improve the users experience.


In order to grant the best usage for everyone, you must not:

  • use our application to harass other users
  • use multiple application commands ("commands") in a short amount of time ("spam")
  • break your agreement with the Discord Terms of Service and this Terms of Service
  • abuse the application in any way
  • break the rules of guilds that do not belong to you
  • invite the application in too many guilds owned by you ("inorganic growth")
  • manipulate or try to manipulate our application to harm it
  • attack or harm our services in any way
  • advertise our application as yours and offer it and its services

We also ask you to use our application for general purposes and not for any illegal activities, including searching illegal activities, testing them, or offering them. Your guild may be banned if anything like that has been detected.


We're reserving us the right of restricting your access to our application, without giving a reason. If your access is restricted, you are not eligible to:

  • request deletion of your data
  • get support on the support server
  • be a member of the support server (depending on your case)
  • use our application in any way
  • add the application to a guild managed or owned by you

If you or your guild have been restricted by us, you are allowed to contact us by mailing appeal@managebot.xyz. We will look into it.

Data Management

If your application access has not been restricted, you have permissions of managing your data:

  • modify them by yourself using given application commands
  • contact the support via mail and request change
  • join the ManageBot support server and ask for change

More information about data usage is visible in our Privacy Policy.
When your case is not listed here, you may contact the support: support@managebot.xyz


These Terms of Service apply anywhere, where you are using our services. We reserve us the right to update these Terms, to keep them updated with any changes regarding our applicaiton, changes from Discord, and other changes that may require an update of the Terms.


We agree to the Discord Terms of Service, Discords Privacy Policies and Discords Developer Terms of service, which additionally apply to these Terms. Note that we are not affiliated with Discord. Our application is certified by Discord, which according to Discord "represents a trusted bot partner".


By using ours services, you hereby agree with our Terms and agree and that you stick to them and may use your mind when using our and Discords services, to avoid trouble that may harm us, including you or other users.

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