Privacy Policy
Read our privacy policy and learn how we process your data.
Last update: May 11th 2023

By default, data is collected. This is indispensable, because in our scenario, the application ("bot user") requires the data to work correctly.
This privacy statement will give you an explanation why we collect your data, and what we do with it, how we store it and how you can request deletion of your data.
We, the developer team of the ManageBot Discord application, are not affiliated with Discord in any way. Their policies apply to ours as well.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We are collecting your data legally using the information described in this policy, depending on the case and the context in which we collect the information:

  • We perform a contract with you
  • We have been given the permission from you
  • Processing your information in our legitimate interests
  • We need to comply with the law

We will retain your information as long as necessary for the purposes described in this policy. We will retain and use your information to extend the necessary functionality, to comply with legal comply or legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce our policies.
If you are resident of the European Economic Area (EEA), you have certain data protection rights. If you request knowledge of personal data we hold about you, or want to request a removal of your data, you are eligible to contacting us:
In certain circumstances, you have the following data protection rights:

  • The right to access your data
  • The right to request deletion of your data
  • The right to change your data
  • The right of restriction

You do not have the rights mentioned above if your data is used to restrict your access to our application or due to legal obligations or lawsuits and enforced protection of other users.

Data accessibility

Users may not request data that is not their own. Data accessability outside of the user it belongs to is limited to the developers and the hosting provider of the database (MongoDB).
Developers do not view (or share) the data from users, unless

  • they are enforced by legal actions or the law
  • a user requests deletion of their data
  • a user requests an update of their data
  • the Terms of Service are enforced
  • a user requests migration of their data
  • a data breach has been detected

this does not count for IDs from individuals that are not users. We reserve us the right to view data at any time.


We collect unique values to identity a specific member or user, a message or channel and a guild or emoji (their "ID"). IDs do not grant access to account information, they are used to identify a Discord object or element. Having IDs saved won't hurt your account security in terms of accessibility.
These IDs are used to

  • Run the integrated reward ("leveling") system
  • Save configurations, like a language
  • Restrict user or guild access
  • Obtain public viewable information, like creation dates or avatars
  • Send messages to specific users

You are eligible of requesting deletion of your ID, if you are not restricted to the access of our application. User IDs are saved permanently, due to the always running instance of the bots reward system, as well as the settings a user can configure, like the language. The reason behind that is, that users should have their saved settings when they use the bot again. The same rule applies for channel and guild IDs as well. Users can contact us to request deletion and get further instructions.


To grant best support possible, find errors faster, detect abusage and share usage statistics, we are logging command usage and errors.

  • The command without the filled parameters
  • The error and its type (if an error occurs)
  • The user who invoked the command
  • The channel where the command was invoked
  • The channels guild
  • The ID of all mentioned items

The interactions are logged in private channels where only chosen developers have access to. We want to clarify, that we do not log messages and message content at all, save it, share it, or store it in any other way.

How data is stored

Data is stored using the MongoDB database service. If we experienced a data breach, we would remain the existing data and notify our users using ManageBots command alerts.

Message Content

Our application requires the ability to receive message content from the Discord in order to

  • Filter messages with various types of filters
  • Send a response when the guild owner is mentioned

We want to clarify that we do not log messages in any way.


Our website collects internet protocol addresses (IP-Addresses) to grant the usage of the service. We are not saving them manually for the functionality of our application, nor do we access or share them.

Third parties

Incoming request information, such as IP-addresses or locations, may be shared with third parties while you access our website.


These Privacy Policies apply anywhere, where you are using our services. We reserve us the right to update these Policies, to keep them updated with any changes regarding our application, changes from Discord, and other changes that may require an update of the Policies.

Our privacy policy does not cover or apply to third party services you may be in contact with when using our services. We advise you, to read the policy of the third party services you may encounter.


By using our services or adding our application to your guild, you hereby agree and consent to our privacy policies and its terms.

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